About our Crawfish

Well Water Purged – Crawfish are placed in huge purge tanks to purge their system of unwanted waste. Well water with constant aeration is simply the best way to truly purge crawfish. This ensures that our customers receive not only more crawfish for their money, but also the cleanest and tastiest crawfish possible.

Washed Crawfish – Crawfish that are hand or mechanically washed to remove all bait, straw, and debris.

Graded Crawfish – Crawfish that are run through a box or mechanical grader for consistent size.

Field Run Crawfish – This is often the cheapest way to buy crawfish, but giving up much quality. These crawfish are sacked directly in the boat resulting in a very wide variety of sizes often containing dead or crushed crawfish, rice straw, bait, and even undesired white crawfish. Without proper cleaning this type of crawfish does not have a very long shelf life. Taste and quality are adversely affected because proper time was not taken to ensure a quality product.